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Diabetes expert bringing patient-centered conference to Missoula

A diabetes specialist is bringing his nationwide program to Missoula to empower people with diabetes to increase their understanding of the disease and take control of their lives.

Pistachios may help reduce diabetes risk

The evidence is strong enough for people with prediabetes to add pistachios, or other nuts like peanuts, to their diet, and recommends about "a handful" per day, or around one serving.

Glen sailing along in his ride for diabetes

Motivated by his father’s death from diabetes, West Australian Glen Hurst has embarked on a very unique adventure— towing a boat behind a motorbike around Australia for 80 days.

Pistachios may help reduce diabetes risk: study

By Kathryn Doyle NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - For people who may be headed for type 2 diabetes, regularly eating pistachios might help turn the tide, according to a new trial from Spain. People with so-called prediabetes have blood sugar levels higher than normal but not yet in the diabetes range. If they do nothing, 15 to 30 percent will develop diabetes within five years, according to the U.S ...

Can Diabetes Be Reversed? New Research Help Reverse The Disease In 21 Days Diet Plan

MIAMI, Sept. 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical science has again proved its mettle by answering the gigantic question, can diabetes be reversed? While, now days, you can find a diabetic in each house spending a fortune in diabetes drugs and insulin injections, simple lifestyle changes have been introduced by medical researchers that helps Reversing Diabetes. The only thing these diabetics need to ...

Denmark's Novo Nordisk launches Ryzodeg in Mexico

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Novo Nordisk (NOVOb.CO) has launched its type 2 diabetes treatment Ryzodeg in Mexico, a combination drug that could reap the company billions in revenues in years to come. Ryzodeg ...

Diabetes research breakthrough in Auckland

A breakthrough in diabetes research by Auckland University scientists may lead to new treatments. Scientists found a single molecular mechanism they believe triggers both forms of the disease.

Dancing, Dedication and Diabetes

James Samson's professional dancing career was just getting started when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 27. He could have lost it all -- but he never gave up on his dreams. The September ...

Shift work linked to greater diabetes risk

By Shereen Lehman NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – People who work night shifts, or constantly changing shifts are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to non-shift workers, suggests a new analysis of previous studies. “Shift work is very common in modern society,” the study's senior author Zuxun Lu told Reuters Health in an email. “Over the past decades, a few epidemiological studies have ...

American Diabetes Association Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes Event in Michigan Helps Local Community “Make the Link ...

In conjunction with the Make the Link! Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke initiative from the American Diabetes Association and sponsored by Medtronic, a “Step Out: Walk to Stop Di

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